Hollywood Stock Exchange - A simulated stock market dealing with almost all things Hollywood.  
Earth 2025 - You govern a modern country in a very populated world.  Will you survive by diplomacy, spying, or military conquest?  You control your country's destiny!
Utopia - Offered by the same people who made Earth 2025; Utopia is set in a medieval format.  There are a lot more options to do, and you control a province in a kingdom that is on an island which is in the world.  Magic, thievery, military, diplomacy all are your avenues to power.  Which one will you take?
Gateway - The first ever MUD (Multi-User-Dungeon) that I played.  Its one of the oldest in existence, and is a great place to play.

Here is my Serpent Page and the Official Serpent Page

RealmsMUD - My present MUDding home....  Lots of great people, and changes keep coming!  Although not all the changes are the best; the wizards do try :)

Here is my Militia Page and the Official One

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